Chocolate? Try a glass of chocolate skim milk or chocolate graham crackers, or even a couple tootsie rolls or chocolate kisses if you must have candy. Over time you will train your taste buds to prefer these foods. Read on »

After having a few drinks and a long night with the boys hunting for the ladies, i come home wanting to eat everything.Whats up?

When you have a snack attack is for sweet, salty, crunchy or fatty? I am guessing fruits and vegetables would not be your snack choice, right? Read on »

3 pints cranberry juice
1 pint lemonade
½ teaspoon each cloves, cinnamon and allspice
1 cup sugar or honey
Simmer these ingredients for 15 minutes and serve in a 2-quart punch bowl. Take 2 lemons, thickly sliced, and stud with the whole cloves, then float them on top of the punch. Yield: 12 cups. Read on »

All of these classes and programs help those who aren’t regular exercisers become more comfortable with working out and with the fitness center environment. For those who are ready to tackle “regular” group exercise classes, there are many to choose from. Read on »

It is not unusual for young children, or even teens to feel anger and frustration in a family situation involving a new stepparent. I have personal experience in this, having lost a parent when I was 17 years old. I felt feelings of anger, frustration, sadness and jealousy when my father remarried. Read on »

There has been lots of talk in the fitness industry lately about catering to “special populations,” and attracting non-typical health club members to boost numbers and to get the population back into shape. When it comes to this, Valley Fitness Center, a medically based fitness facility located at Valley Medical Center in a suburb south of Seattle, is ahead of the game. Read on »

“What is the right age to start the discussion of sexuality with children. My daughter is six and I wonder if I should start to introduce her to the facts of life. And how much detail should I include when the discussion is started? How should I start the conversation? I have always been honest with my kids and I want this to feel comfortable and natural, not scary or “icky” – how can I continue the feeling of comfort so she will also feel safe discussing anything with me?” Read on »

People with sedentary lifestyles may be at risk for heart attacks induced by physical exertion. In a study of 700 men and women with one heart attack already, researchers found that their risk of heart attack increased six-fold during strenuous physical activity. The increased risk of heart attack dropped 15 minutes after activity, and disappeared 45 minutes after activity. Read on »

We are all aware of the importance of good heath. Yet, each one of us makes personal choices with regard to what aspects of our heath are of the greatest value. Many people don’t value sleep enough in the equasion for better health. Here’s how to improve your rest. Read on »

Exercise is essential for overall health and well-being and finding an exercise activity that gets heart rates up and is enjoyable is important to keep us committed to it. According to Lisa, “Tae-Bo is fun like dancing.” Being able to make exercise a playful experience can help us to stay with it. Read on »